Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Capt’n Nat’s
The Sangre de Cristo mountains stopped me like a brick wall, and I spent the winter of 1993 on the east slope of the lower end of the Rockies near Las Vegas, NM in Mora County.  While livin' in a cabin in the village of Chacon I was published for the 1st time in "The Western Horseman".  I had become a writer! The following spring '94 I hitched up and headed out around the bottom of the Sangre's along the Santa Fe Trail and up the Rio Grande River valley.   In my wagon I crossed the Rio Grand, the San Juan Mountains, the Hoover Dam and into Las Vegas and up its strip by 1996. Following the "Old Mormon Trail" and "Padre Trail" I worked the team up into Utah.  In the fall of 1997 I reached Panguitch, UT where I sold the wagon and went back to horseback.  Into Evanston, WY I rode in the snow. The weather was too rough and I got help from a friend in Taos, NM to return to regroup and prepare for another attempt for the "Alaska Bound" adventure, but it turned into only the "Rocky Mountain High" adventure. It took about two years to get to Breckenridge, CO from Taos because of a couple of rather extensive stays near La Veta, CO - the area I plan to die in. I put down my most beloved horse, Blue, in Breckenridge in 1999, and through the help of friends I retreated back into New Mexico where I took up residence in Monero Canyon.  There I spent the winter carin' for a multitude of critters under the most primitive of conditions until I got word that my 1st grandson, Toby James, was born in Florida in 2000. In April 2000 I began the "Journey Home" adventure walkin' and leadin' the remainder of my remuda across New Mexico from Dulce to Logan (near the Texas border). Just before I got to Logan, NM my mare Pee-Pee broke her leg and I was forced to shoot her to put her out of her misery.  This put an end to my "Journey Home" adventure - at least with a pack string. After spending a few months longer in Logan and in Cebolla, NM I headed east in my Dahatsu in 2001. I began my stay in the Atlanta, GA area buildin' a website for a crazy woman, and ended up working for a land surveying company where I stayed for about 2 1/2 years before takin' a hiatus from the stress and goin' off on the "Flint River Run" adventure - a 350+/- mile float tip down the Flint River from Thomaston, Ga to Apalachicola, FL in 2003. I returned to Atlanta once it was done - after a few months of wanderin' - to work for the same company until 2006 when, because of the improprieties of one of the owners, my contract was terminated.  That was when I planed to set out on the "Lookin' for Tom Sawyer Adventure”. I began work on my "Huckleberry Houseboat" in Toomsboro, Ga and finished it in Myakka, FL by the spring of 2007.
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