Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Capt’n Nat’s
I had originally wanted to put in the water in Toosboro on the Oconee River and take it all the way to the Atlantic Ocean, but that didn't work out and I ended up puttin' in on Lake Jessup near Sanford, FL in April 2007. For 3 months I followed the St. Johns River to the Cross Florida Barge Canal where I crossed over to the Ocklawaha River. From July 2007 until January 2008 I lived on my "Huckleberry Houseboat" on the Ocklawaha River where I built - by hand and on site - the "3P's" cypress dugout canoe. I pulled out of the river in January 2008 and began workin' on tryin' to get it together to head for the Oconee River once again, but things have a tendency to go awry for me from time to time forcin' me to take a different path. On my 57th birthday on October 3, 2008 my life was changed forever!  I struggled to stay alive and it's all because of thieves who have apparently - for now - gotten away with stealin' my very life from me, including my precious "3P's" canoe!  Dubbed the “Hog Valley Incident”. On October 9th, 2010 I set out on the Huckleberry Houseboat with my sights on a "New Horizon".  I put in at Gore’s Landing on the Ocklawaha River, near Eureka, FL. The winter of 2010-2011 was a rough one but with tenacity I trudged through it, and survived.  I left the Ocklawaha and went on to the St. Johns River in December 2010. For a few months I explored the upper part of the St. Johns.  When the weather began to improve I headed north stoppin' in at Highbanks Landin' where I met the owner (Dave Blackburn) of the Swamp House Riverfront Grill and  Happy Snapper Tiki Bar.  One thing led to another and I ended up with a kiosk in the middle of the restaurant sellin’ my art. It was durin’ this time I met the marvelous Judy Hopton, one of the most unconditional women I’ve come across.  We hit it off as friends right away and my new home port became the little piece of swamp here in DeBary, FL. In July 2011 I became the proud owner of a 26 1/2' Bayliner Buccaneer sailboat.  I have named the newest member of the fleet, the adventure sailin’ ship, "ASS Carryin' On" - a companion to the adventure vessel the "AV Movin' On" a.k.a. "The Huckleberry Houseboat". In 2014 the word got out about my adventurous life and, before ya knew it I was bein’ sought after for reality kinda shows.  First it was National Geographic who came and shot some footage but, nuthin’ ever happened with it.  Then, an independent did a little shootin’ in hopes to sell it but, nuthin’ came of that.  THEN, Leftfield Pictures got a hold of me and, before ya knew it I was out on an adventure bein’ filmed for the real thing!  Their 2 day shoot and production of a promo sold to The History Channel “Rivermen”!  It debuted in January 2015 and now I’m a star! LOL  The show lasted for a three show series, and then got dropped.  Poor production was the cause.
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