Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Capt’n Nat’s
In order for someone to fully understand who I am exactly they would have to read my entire autobiography, sit and talk to me for years, and take a walk with me on the trail I have blazed, and that ain't gonna happen.  Therefore, I will only encapsulate my life for your benefit.  Perhaps you will acquire enough of an understanding of who I am so you may do what all folks do - judge me. Born October 3, 1951 in Portsmouth, VA - That's not what I remember, but rather plain and simple fact. Sent to Florida in 1958 - I was a hand full for a mother raisin' 4 children on her own, and so I was sent to live with my uncle in Bradenton, Florida to get that discipline that they thought I needed.  Mom , my sis, and two younger brothers moved to Florida a year later, and childhood took on a normalcy again. Manhood came early for me, and in 1969 I entered the US Army durin' the Vietnam Era. By 1974 I had been wounded in Vietnam, gotten married and had 2 daughters. My first divorce came in 1977, and between then and 1980 I loved and lived with a heartbreakin' woman.  The trauma was too much to take and I broke away from the norm for the 1st time.  I rode a single horse from Bradenton, Florida to The Ocala National Forest - Hog Valley (Note that this place will have further significance later on!).  That was the end of that trail ‘cause I got horns wangled into goin' back. A series of travels came about from 1980 until 1983 that took me all over the country.  I hitched to North Dakota, surveyed pipelines in North Dakota and Montana, and eventually ended up back in Florida via Texas and I married my second wife.  In Arcadia, FL I worked for the USDA Soil Conservation Service from '83 to '86, and eventually went into business for myself as a self professed Agricultural Engineer.  That was a fiasco! By 1986 I had had my fill of tryin' to become the rich "Irrigation Lord" of Arcadia.  Not to say that the possibility wasn't presented, it was!  I just couldn't make it work for me.  It was time for a change; a drastic change; a change for life.  The wife didn't agree, and a mutual divorce ensued. On January 11th, 1987 the "Alaska Bound Adventure" began with 2 horses, a dog and a cat, $15 bucks in my pocket and a desire to be a writer. By June 1987 I had made it to Alabama where I was robbed, and then got hemmed up by a lady for about a year.  We parted ways because her 4 previous husbands sorta interfered, and I was sent a packin'!  Literally!  Through Tennessee, Arkansas, and into Oklahoma, I packed my horse and 2 pony mules. Just before Thanksgiving 1988 I rode into Broken Arrow, OK where I eventually got settled into yet another relationship.  This lasted for about 4 years.  Durin' my 3rd year there I began buildin' the "Whinny-Bray-Go" covered wagon. In 1992 I took a brief 500 mile shakedown cruise up into Missouri and returned.  After a short rebuild of the wagon I was headin' west across the plains.  Old route 66 and a portion of the Santa Fe Trail were some of the paths I took west.
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