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"Life is too short to fish with a dead worm!"
"Don't ask for peace - Make it!"
"Attach yourself to it and climb up."
"Be peaceful, and peace there will be."
"Peace is a symptom of Serenity."
"May the peace of water wash over you."
"The simple peace is truth."
"Make it one peace at a time."
"Stick to it - run through it!"
"Never wander, and always wonder."
"Don't let the river flow by without takin' a dip!"
"Take each step as if it were your last!"
"Stick it, kick it, and if it don't move - eat it!"
"May your walks be many, and your stumbles few."
"Walk about - Stick it out!"
"Run your life - don't let it run you!"
"Let honor be your motto."
"The difference between a good day and a bad one is usually about 24 hours."
"A patient man will - an impatient man may."
"Believe in yourself and others will too."
"Each day is new - make it work for you."
"To pay respect use the currency of honor."
"Pay with respect - not money!"
"Freedom is our right, but we must pay for the privilege."
"Change - The only true constant in the universe."
"Live for yourself - others will be touched."
"Authenticity is a  REAL  problem."
"On a good day be thankful - on a bad day be good!"
"Revere those who can - Honor those who did."
"Honor those who gained our freedom, as well as those who maintain it."
"Beat your own drum - keep the rhythm."
"When I works I works hard. When I sits I sits loose!"
"It's better to fight for freedom than to have it taken away easily."
"To speak of legends is no lie!"
"Fight for honor - Maintain integrity!"
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