Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Capt’n Nat’s
Special DVD’s
For years I have been creatin’ short videos of my time here on the St. Johns River, and mostly sharin’ them on Facebook, but now I’ve got a number of them (41) put together on a DVD so I can offer them for sale to those who would like to join me on the river, and get a sense of what I see and feel. Each DVD will have a custom cover, and sent via the USPS ‘cause I ain’t figured out how to do a download direct thing yet.  Here is what’s on the DVD, and if ya like it after ya buy it, then great.  If ya don’t like it then hey, it’s money back guaranteed! $18.00 ea. (Shippin’ Included)
Serenity Shorts by Capt’n Nat
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Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.  Hopefully sooner, but ya never know what could go wrong!
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