Capt’n Nat’s
Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Back in the day, so they say, I was only able to take those old fashioned film kinda pictures.  It wasn’t until about 1999 when I got my first digital, and that 4 mega pix camera was cool, and for me then, it did the job.  Over time I went through several of those point and shoots before finally gettin’ my 1st Digital Single Lens Reflex camera, and that was just a couple of years ago (2014).  I’m a novice, and I know this.  I wouldn’t brag about the equipment I use, even if it was worth braggin’ about.  In my opinion, it ain’t what ya got to take a picture with as long as it takes decent shots, and can reach out at a distance and do it.  I have less wrapped up in all of my equipment (4 bodies and multipliable lens’) than many of the pros have in one lens. Anyway, the pictures here are some of the ones which I think turned out the best, whether untouched, or touched up a lot.  Some actually came out really well, and those can be purchased on canvas if you’d like one.  Just let me know, and we can make it happen.  Please, I am sharin’ these for your pleasure and you are welcome to save them and share, but give me credit and don’t try and make money with them.  Thanks!
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