Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Capt’n Nat’s
A Series of Shorts by Capt’n Nat
Since the beginnin’ of my adult life the dream of writin’ has never left my daily thoughts.  I have kept pretty good records of my travelin’ adventures in logs and diaries, and journals.  Sometimes a combination of the three, as well as a list of nearly all the thousands of folks I met along the trails.  If you’ve a mind, you can see if your name appears on it by checkin’ out the “Book of Memories” page. 
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The series of shorts is the only way I will ever get a book together probably, ‘cause I lack the discipline to sit and write a whole book at one time.  So, here ya got a series (dated so you can get the time line) of stories of only the highlighted events of my adventures.  Especially since a lot of my life has actually been kinda borin’. Enjoy!
Wagon Whoa! April 1994
You’ll have to have Acrobat Reader to read the stories ‘cause I find it easier for me to save them as such.  Most folks have it, so just click on the link and enjoy!
Pete The Pot  November 2006