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Capt’n Nat’s
St. Johns River Drum III  - $400
The drum itself is a naturally hollowed dead cypress knee which I rescued from the inevitable rot in obscurity.  With determined elbow grease I removed the bad, and what was left is remarkable. Instead of stretchin’ a membrane across the openin’ I decided to keep it all natural and beat directly on the wood usin’ the lag bones of a cow as drumsticks.  The knuckle of the bone is covered with rawhide to help protect the wood.  The sound is like this:
Sorry, I ain’t no drummer, but you get the idea.
The device which holds the suspended drum is designed to come apart and fold for transport.  The upright, and arm are from the same piece of driftwood cypress, and the feet and bottom brace are cedar. The pins are all hand hewn from oak, and attached usin’ hemp twine so they don’t get lost. The suspension from the arm allows for a great resonance sound of nature.  There are different tones on different surfaces, and once learned could make a good drummer better. The stained hand prints are mine for show.
Note: I can deliver within a 50 mile radius of DeBary, and the fee would be $40.  No deliveries outside that distance.
Also, a cherry mallet is included to make the pins go in easier.