They sent down this feller named Pete Slack, and Pete spent 3 days comin’ around and shootin’ footage about the life style of this here old feller, and it was fun.  Pete was great to work with, and was ready to follow me through the swamps and be there when somethin’ happened.  He took the footage home, worked on it and presented it to Left Field Productions for a think over.
Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Capt’n Nat’s
The Ten Thousand Island Adventure
It all started in June 2013 when I got contacted by Left Field Productions out out of New York, and asked if I’d be interested in them filmin’ me in action and them sellin’ it to a network.  Well, what else could a guy say that has nothin’ to loose, and nothin’ I wanna gain?
Let’s Do It!
To add to the fun, and give a friend a chance I asked my friend Rog Lee to come up with a song for the event, and he did.  While Pete was doin’ his thing, I got Rog to do his thing, and the things came together one afternoon on the Huck.  The song “Shanty Boat Song” by Rog was used in the promo that Pete put together.  I never did get to see the promo, but I did record Rog at a local dive singing it.
In July 2016 we lost Rog to brain cancer, but his memory will live on in his songs and in the hearts of those that knew and loved him.  He was one special kinda guy.
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