Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Capt’n Nat’s
It’s A Win - Win!
In order for me to meet my financial obligations I surrender nearly my entire pittance of an income from my Social Security account. (An account I have paid into for many years so that I could retire with somethin’!), in the first couple of weeks of each month, and the rest of the month is do or don’t.  So, I gotta somehow add to the “Adventure Fund” by tradin’ some art for some money. All income goes to the support of a simple life.  A life which I enjoy sharin’ with those stuck in the complicated world.   Here is a list of things I got that you may be able to live without, but ya want anyway.  Oh yeah, I do commission pieces, but not to much in the way of custom work.  Tell me what ya want, what ya want it made of, and where ya want it to fit, and I’ll put it together.  If ya like it it’s yours, and if ya don’t, no problem, I’ll keep it.  Maybe you’d give me a second try?
Cuckoopelli’s Life Chips - $10 Donation + $3 S&H No two alike, and you choose what ya want said on it, and I’ll dress it up.  Click to see the sayin’s! Stuff too big to ship   Worth The Haul! Much of what I make is large,  and so shippin’ is out of the  question.  Click here to see some!