Hey there!  Thanks for stoppin’ by, and I hope ya  stick around and check out what’s new in the world of an old “Saddle Tramp” turned “River Liver”.  I’m in the process of redoin’ this site, so please be patient while I work my magic. When I’m finished there will be lots of stuff to look at, read and ponder.  Oh yeah, there will be a few things to buy as well.  A feller has to make a livin’ somehow.
Again, it’s another day! “Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer” The words are a metaphor for how I live my life, now and for many years of my past.  My connection to the famed Mark Twain is apparent in much of my life’s stories, and if ya stick around and read some you’ll see that in words and actions.
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Photo Gallery I take a lot of pics of the nature around me, and some shots actually come out good.
Saddle Tramp - by Don Edwards
Capt’n Natural-Lee Young’s Lookin’ for Tom Sawyer Adventure
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