Capt’n Natural-Lee Young’s
“The simpler way of life”
Lookin’ For Tom Sawyer
Any resemblance to the character Huck Finn is merely coincidental and should not be held against me.  This website is the culmination of many years of wanton revelry doin’ basically exactly what I wanted, within my ability to control the situation, and now I put it all out there for the betterment of mankind.
Search the subsequent pages for inspiration, beauty and possibly a feelin’ of humorous relief.  The world shouldn’t be taken so seriously all the time.  As with my life, these digital representations are forever in progress.  A frequent visit should be made to ensure that you have viewed and read the latest of the adventure.  Repose upon the fact that there will be adventure after adventure until the waters of the river wash my ashes out to sea.  You won’t wanna miss out. If not bored yet, you won’t be, so click below and experience the stuff I have!
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Warning!  This site is under construction and may contain items that aren’t workin’ as they should, or missin’ files that have been forgotten.  However, it will not contain advertisements or unneeded stuff, ‘cause I’m truly tryin’ to keep it simple!
Note: Throughout this site if ya see an image that you’d like to see up closer you can click on it (if the magnifyin’ cursor appears) and view it larger.  This way I can get more on a page, but you can still see it without a magnifyin’ glass.