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Our Feathered Friends
Capt’n Natural-Lee Young’s Lookin’ for Tom Sawyer Adventure
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Takin’ photos of birds has become second nature to me.  Since I am generally out on a cruise on the Huck while doin’ so it’s usually on the fly (Pun intended).  I try to catch the action when there is some, but just a good shot of a pretty bird makes me happy.
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Northern Cardinal Swallowed Tailed Kite Sandhill Crane Osprey Love Bird Red Bellied Woodpecker Red Brested Robin Red Shouldered Hawk Wood Stork Kingfisher Female Anhinga American Bittern American Bittern Black Crowned Night Heron Black Crowned Night Heron Limpkin Black Crowned Night Heron Osceola Turkeys - Gobblers Turkey Vulcher Juvenile Red Sholdered Hawk Juvenile Red Sholdered Hawk Northern Cardinal Brown Pelican Fish (Bald) Eagle Fly Catcher Red Shouldered Hawk Little Blue Heron Male Anhinga Sandpiper Great Blue Heron Osprey Osprey Male Anhinga American Coot Barred Owl Egret Juvenile Blue Heron Sandhill Cranes Osprey Kingfisher
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