Over the years I have taken thousands of photos of birds in the areas where I have visited around Central Florida.  When I first began takin’ pictures with a REAL camera it was iffy if any actually came out well.  Since much of my photography is done while tryin’ to steer the Huckleberry Houseboat, and handle a camera too.  I learned to steer with my foot. Click on the bird and see some of my favorite captures of “Our Feathered Friends”
Female Northern Cardinal Male Anhinga Female Anhinga w/meal. American Bittern American Bittern Black Bellied Whistling Duck Male Northern Cardinal American Coots Bald Eagle Egret Purple Gallinule Great Blue Heron Black Crowned Night Heron Egret Purple Gallinule Black Crowned Night Heron Bald Eagle Ibis Great Blue Heron Egret Black Crowned Night Heron Wood Stork Black Vultures/Wood Storks Wood Stork Purple Gallinule Juvenile Snail Kite Rosette Spoonbills/Ibis Sandhill Crane Colt Barred Owl Egret Sandhill Cranes Purple Galinule Great Blue Heron Bald Eagle Carolina Wren Yellow Warbler Pileated Woodpecker Swallow Tailed Kite Swallow Tailed Kite Green Heron Green Heron Juvenile Green Heron Red shouldered hawk
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Our Feathered Friends
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Peggy Chan
Stick Indian by Charles Little Leaf